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[I], am the sandwich creator.
Not the only , I am one of many, my position as an escapee with breads and sauce is comparable to exercise.
I go through packets of food by opening them exactly how they arrive,
I hide nothing.
I am cleansed and I am true, it is quite obvious that I am not disgusting.
I seem friendly.
And my foods can be most easily made using true art.
Paint a picture of my work, and what you have in your hands is true art.
So you'll see where the truth starts, but you're not given a sum,
You cannot consume too many calories! Sandwiches are unlimited fun.
So with each layer of bread, you can choose how much this piece will please you.

Please do.

They are your sandwiches.

Hope you eat too.

- Nathan.

Posted by J. Luth
this was weak. When you get on my level I'll let you know b. 1/10

Posted by
yeah well you're 0.1/10

so you may think I'm 1/10th of you but u got it backward BOY