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Posted by one way
Burnt paper flies past the rubble
As the human race no longer has to struggle cause we’re past the rebuttal
It doesn’t matter what we believe,
The ink stains repeat the fate of the brains we keep, which remain to sleep
My eyes whiteness the demise that Decorates the streets
As their armies destroy what we demonstrate to keep
Dancing in the smoke and debris
Like a creature would float in the sea
So free……
its finally is satisfied
Ratified but the ones who had to die all the self-proclaimed bastards lie
With thoughts of homicide, life it’s self freezes
The seasons change and I understand reasons
greed fear and hate, the genocidal diseases
I cry my last tears, for the wrath of the past years is among us
The market plummets no they eating our souls away
Given a number to fight from the grave
This whole time we thought we were destine for fame
Its like we ate a rapper and chocked to death on his chain
Rearranged priorities to suit the majority
Prophecies expressed in a modern day allegory
While writing chapters for a sadder story
We all battling glory with a smoke and a 40
In hope that one day they’ll tell the streets they’re sorry