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Posted by Die Hard
enough out of you, this isnít what we started, and we never finished either and itís all your fault. i donít need to digress and you donít need to say another word, which thankfully for you, you havenít been giving much thought to these days anyways. so cross your fingers a couple more times and spew out more of those words that donít mean a thing and squeeze the life out of another heart that only wanted to beat for you.

fists against the wall, helplessly devoted to recapturing the pain you allowed to resurface. shallow water around my ankles and iím only trying to swim far away and not look back. but much like sodom and gomorrah i donít think thereís going to be much of a success rate. no matter how hard you hurt me, iím still going to be a pillar of salt by the end of the night because i canít stop thinking about you.

fortress of solitude, you left the guest room vacant and now itís gathering dust. you never cared at all did you? and now iím throwing out all the stuff you left because it doesnít mean a thing anymore that you donít care anymore. hope that shirt keeps you warm, or at least kept you warm as you threw it in the fire to keep you warm this winter. two months, i could be dead right now and you wouldnít even know. so hereís your wake up call.