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Meet Hot Girls In Your Area!
Posted by J.Roy
Had to get my president on

Posted by Adam
Jesus Christ you're a fucking idiot.

Posted by Cola

nice 'suit'

Posted by J.Roy
you love me man!!! YOU LOVE Me

you follow me in every thread I post

just admit you're stocking me

Posted by J.Roy
coke dealer, you have no room to talk......... Mimesis already said it best

get your down syndrome looking ass out of here

Posted by Cola

how do i even look like i have Down Syndrome?

do you even know what that is?

god fat fuck, your whack

Posted by Adam
Yes, I follow you in every thread.

Have you noticed that RV has about 2 active places? LL and MM, so when a thread is posted people on the site check them out. If you happen to be posting the threads chances are I'll be looking at them.

You don't look high class at all, and it's probably not even a suit, just picked up a jacket a value village.

Posted by J.Roy
^^lol a value village jacket? You're good. I get all my shit from Men's Wearhouse. That's a 500 dollar suit.

Get off me manz

Posted by Adam
Hahahahaha, material costs eh?

Posted by J.Roy
Fuck yeah, i'm a material person. Why shouldn't I be? I have money to spend on suit's and clothes. The only people that say money doesn't buy happiness are the mother fuckers who are broke.

Posted by Adam
Lmfao... guess you didn't understand the wordplay.

Posted by J.Roy
guess you're an idiot.

well i'm going to get back to work and let you children make a fuss :)

Posted by Adam

You still didn't get the wordplay!

Posted by J.Roy
there was no wordplay in what you said....soo uh..

fuck off? Die slow? Stay a faggot?

Posted by Adam
Wow.. you're that fucking dense?

Material cost = it'd be expensive to use the amount of material they would have to use to cover your fat fucking ass.

But you're an idiot, I'm guessing half the shit I saw goes over your head cause that was simple.

Posted by Kirk
Are you fucking serious, bro?

Posted by
Originally Posted by J.Roy

Why isn't the toilet seat cov-

*looks at thread title*
*looks at your hand placement*


*leaves in a hurry*

Posted by Cola
dude, you live in some shit hole apartment, and have NOTHING in the apartment

you say you ballin? rooooffllll

you drive a Jeep

you aint stunting, you fat wigger

Posted by J.Roy
lol okay mexican, go back to your fucking country :)

and you shouldn't be calling me wigger, you don't see me trying to wear ecko with some and 1's you faggot

Posted by Cola

i was like 19 in the picture, over 2 years ago...and i was ballin ten times more than you

obviously if you looked at any of my RECENT pictures i dont dress like that at all

now you just stretchin for shit to say, n its gettin lame

like, you can't even beef good cuz all you do is eat it up, ya fat shit head

go upgrade Poetics cell phone plan YOU BITCH

n rofl @ Mexican, dude, my dad was hispanic and my mother was white...and my dad was only half hispanic, so i'm a quarter mexican, and you soundin mad racist, you pissed cuz all the immigraints takin ya jobs?

Posted by J.Roy
lol no i'd be more scared of a black dude taking my job. Mexican's can't sell shit. I know i've worked with em. And what recent pictures? You post no pictures of yourself.

Posted by Cola

so you've obviously been searching


Posted by J.Roy
then you must really be on Poetic's dick, I mean making a crew name after him and everything. You're on Adam's dick, ever since he accepted you, when you used to get clowned by him hella hard as well. You're a fucking tool

Posted by Cola

just becuase me and adam are on good terms doesnt mean im on his dick nor is he on mine

you just assume that shit becuase Adam makes fun of you and I make fun of you

only becuase you act like a fuckin douche bag

Posted by J.Roy
how the fuck do I act like a douche bag? Honestly tell me that one? Ya'll are acting like fucking idiots.