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Me at a show a while back

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-- Me at a show a while back
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Posted by one way
A show I opened a few monthes ago, only like 75-80 people but still dope

Posted by Adam
That's fresh.

You perform a lot?

solid. :thumbup:

the supe, c.s.

Posted by
everyone's constantly doing that stare like "is he going to get lyrical and drop hot shit or get un-lyrical and make me dance yet"

Posted by one way
haha, yea I always open, they crowd usually doesn't get into it untill Im almost done lol

lol, yea I do this for a living well kinda pays about half the bills lol..........I promote shows and artists, I just get to open for all the dudes I promote which is dope for me........throw shows in the summer and go on unemployment through the winter cause I never make money in the winter, we do our charity shit then........

Posted by steve_swagger
word!!!!where you from in canada?

Posted by one way
ontario, durham region

Posted by steve_swagger
lol were in durham region???

Posted by one way
lol oshawa area, just outside..........

Posted by steve_swagger
thats funny i live in oshawa at the moment

Posted by one way
dope, Im right in between whitby and port perry like 15mins to the shwa

Posted by one way
wanna rock some shows...lol

Posted by GKillaz05
thats dope... i'll have to come check you out some time maybe.. im in the kitchener-waterloo area

Posted by steve_swagger
you know i wanna rock some shows link me on msn bro pm me ill send ya my addy
and word my cuz lives in kitchener

Posted by one way
I'm working on one right now for april, thats the closest show Im doing, but summer I do at least three a month.