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Posted by shiznit
I am the one who gets in trouble
I am the one you hear running up and down the halls
I am the one who cleans myself more than once
I am the hunter of birds and bugs
I am the one who sleep during the days and plays at night
I am the one who is friendly to all feeds me
I am the one who's eyes glow in the dark
I am the one who sits on the table
I am the one whose ears twitch when I hear a noise
I am the one who is waiting for you to come home everday from school
I am the one whose coat is black
I am your cat

-====kinda off but thats my piece...LOL====-

Posted by varentao
Heh. It was qaint, and true to what it was. I got no critique for this, i couldn't, plain and simple..

..it was just so qaint (am i spelling that right?..quaint, qaint..pah!)...and in a sense, amusing in a cute way..."I am the one who's coat is black, I am your cat"...



Posted by Legendary
I thought it was pretty fun when I read the last line. I was trying to guess what it was. I didn't guess cat though.

Posted by shiznit
hehehe.....thanks v for ur point of view and yeah Legendary...im glad u think it was a funny poem...LOL

thanks guys..uppiN!

Posted by Cosmos
its kinda iight...