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Posted by shiznit
1 evil idea
1 executor
1 moment

2 buildings
2 hours
2 many people

3 witnesses
3 taken to the hospital
3 numbers dialed

4 firefighters
4 police officers
4 heros

5 pictures of victims
5 more body bags
5 pieces of the puzzle we haven't found

6 volunteers
6 orphan children
6 more body bags

7 bussiness effected
7 more questions?
7 more puckets of black power

8 nights
8 more body bags
8 cities warned

9 last few breaths
9 last few moments

Posted by shiznit
guess no one likes this one.....:(

Posted by Prolyfic
i think tha concept was good, i like to see ppl make they own shyt, an tha way it was it was structured gave it character, but couldve been more elaborate...

Posted by SeeKret
i thought it was ok. a little bit weak but honestly not all that bad. keep up

Posted by Legendary
I liked it. It's different than all of the stuff I usually read. You probably could have put more to it though, instead of such short lines. More details, I guess is what I mean.

Posted by shiznit
yeah i know its kinda short without details but thats like how i made it somehow....but yeah..thanks


Posted by deacon
I really didn't get into this peace could have been arranged alot better.