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Posted by varentao
Okay, used to do this a while back.

And another site reminded me of it. So i thought maybe we could implement it on this site too.

A picture is posted every month or two, and people just write to it...

..now what i need from you people is to drop pictures in this thread. Then i will pick one, and i'll put it on a sticky on top of the board and everyone will just write to it if they want to..

So okay, drop some pictures in this thread. Nothing stupid, no blatant porn. Something with a bit of edge.

Oh yeah, and drop it in THIS THREAD. Just hit the reply button, and attach the file.


Posted by The Necromancer
That... actually isn't that bad of an idea. In fact, it would be kicky if implemented. Too bad I'm drawing pictures even though my scanner is worthless.

Posted by deacon
Yo i really like this ideal.great looking out.


Posted by varentao
Did you do that one yourself Necro?

We might puit that up on the next one. Or put up two stickys of "Write to thios picture".

But for the first one, i thought i'd use the one below. To start off with...

Posted by varentao
Now if someone could shorten that picture above for me, so it'll fit on the page. Then i can post it up in a new thread.

Anyone? Shorten it for us? Please...

Posted by Kapone
i got one

*will edit*

Posted by Tha Linez Drawn
how do you attatch an image?

Posted by The Necromancer
I'm... so... very... very... sorry...










(Okay, this picture is just bitchin'. And I have not said bitchin' since I was in sixth grade.)

Posted by Kapone