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Posted by Profound_unique1
Look out my window and what do I see
all eyes and ears
and they strictly on me
cant walk out my door
without somebody askin what for
can even take a shit without some bish sniffin it
Dont worry about me
You dont even wanna go where I go
or see what I see
so get out my ass
with tha 21 question trash
nigs irkin me like a rash
there aint enough vasiline in the world
asshos make me wanna hurl

Posted by Phantasia
I'm not feelin it you got stuff thats way better than this. It was...um... dang when I find the word, But anyway I've seen what you can do and this aint it! Try again!!!

Posted by [*MФ* ]
Very raw rhyme gurl,
feeling it ...
This was a good topic but i feel you could
of put more detail into it ... coz i was diggin the
topic u seem to have good flow,
look forward to peepin more!