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Posted by Profound_unique1
I dont know what to do
I dont know where to turn
with every mistake
there is a new lesson learned

Free fall from a space void of light
into a darker abyss
this is my plight
Standing lifeless on a plateau
surrounded by hells fire
as for hope I have none
my heart is tied with barbed wire
I crawl on through the darkness
escaping the fire through repent
each plateau I reach
has an even more gruesome decent
though my heart becomes more ravished
the closer I get to my goal
my mind becomes more clearer
but I need them both to be whole
I got to hold on
ive got to stay strong
one day I will be free
but will I still be me?

Posted by Profound_unique1
eh I got distracted. ..

Posted by Lab Rat
you got distracted? that mean you gonna add onto that or is it as-is? its pretty good anyways

Posted by OpTiKaL iLuZion
nice sonnet

Posted by Profound_unique1
I lost my focus when my phone rang, not exactly how I was readin it inside. But thank you.

Posted by Legendary
It was really good. Not much else to say about it. I'd quote my fav lines but I liked the whole thing.

Posted by Profound_unique1
Why thank you, I appreciate it =)

Posted by IdunKnoHow2Rap04
*smile* hey baby, Muah, it was good even though im still upset about the fact that u can rap and i cant..smh...I love you yo(cdfu)

Posted by Phantasia
D I wish you would tell me when you postin J/K liked it chick! It was way betta thanthe last one waaaaayyyy bettea!! Any who thanks for havin my back and I liked your up-do it was cute lol!

Posted by your_end
i think tha whole vibe was beautiful, i can tell this is from deep within, ya word usage was meaningful for the poem.... everything was just set in... loving it... very nice...

Posted by Profound_unique1
* cheezin hard *, why thank you = )

Posted by deacon
Poem had it moments but was filled with a typical rhyme scheme. Many people who approach that type of written fail because they tend to be either to basic or too obvious.You rode the line on this one. Keep writing i can see your movement up is not just a figment of my imagination.


Posted by Profound_unique1
* blushing *