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Posted by ShEmY
This is a poem from a girl I know. Her grand father just died and she sent me this poem. I think she has potential. I juss wanna know what ya'll think of it. Hit me up!

Heres the poem:

I Love You, I Miss You, I Need You

We called him Poppy Keith
With brilliant eyes of grey
These eyes could make everything better and more worthwhile
Very deep in his head
With a unique double ring

His thoughts could be seen at a glance
Was there something behind those eyes that nobody could see
Perhaps how depressed he actually was
Or how depressed someone can actually be
How couldn't anyone have seen?
What hurt he was feeling inside
We then wouldn't be in this hard and painful position

What kinds of thoughts can drive people to the edge?
Hatred, disappointment, sadness…
How can we ever know?
And how will we ever know

He never missed one thing
Like a parent he always had words of advice to help you
You looked in the stands and there he was
Proud as can be
Always cheering looking so upbeat
But facial expressions can hide a lot
Hiding anger and frustration
That nobody can sense

Having a grandpa is such a wonderful thing
Unless you take his presence for granted
And then he is gone
Nobody realizes what great a grandpa is…
Until you can't gave that greatness any longer

Being the great grandpa he was
He was always doing everything and anything to make you happy
Getting milk and food in the middle of the night
Leaving the house at one and four a.m.
Running to the pharmacy to pick up some medicine
In order for someone to be happy

He was always the first one to say I LOVE YOU
No matter what you did you could never beat him to it
Whenever you were feeling blue
He was always there to help you through
And whenever you needed to hear those three words
He always knew the exact moment to say…

He would drop everything that he was doing
Just to spend one minute with you if he could
But now I won't ever get another minute, not even a second
Until we meet again in Heaven

Not only was he perfect in every way
He was so caring towards everyone and everything
Always dealing with everybody's problems
Never bothering anyone with his own
Sometimes I wish he wasn't like that
Then maybe we would still have him here with us today
But that was him and how he was
It probably wouldn't have changed
Once people do something their whole life
It's hard to change

But despite how depressed he was
He was always there
He made it a "must do" on his list

Now I know there will never be a grandfather so great
Unless it is one of my grandpa's sons
Whom he has raised well
But still…
There will be those certain things we miss
That only Poppy could do
And somehow we will have to forgive him for what happened
Because there is NO way you can stay mad at him for over a day, barely even a minute
Remember the good times
Forget the few bad
And keep him and the love for him in your heart

And also remember…
Don't ever pass up a chance to say I LOVE YOU
For Poppy Keith never did!

Posted by Philo
This was amazing.
This girl has something ot be able to write about fher grandfather in such a way.... obviously it is hard but to be able to write this.
this is a tremendous work.

Posted by Legendary
She definately has potential! This was an extremely good writing. Tell this girl to get on here and post some more of her stuff. I'd definately enjoy reading it. She expressed everything so well on paper. She made me like the guy and I don't even know him.

Posted by ShEmY
Thanx man. I thought the Same.

Looking fo mo oppinions on this!!

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Posted by ShEmY
C'mon someone give me some oppinions

Posted by joshuadaniellain
It was deep and I think she has potential and she should use that as fuel for her to continue R.I.P

Posted by ShEmY
Str8 up homie. Any one else?

Posted by ShEmY
C'mon lemme get some mo posts on this girl.
Im gonna have a new poem comin soon.