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Posted by Kosta
A drip from a brush the drip that i touch
i sip from a cup the image of such clarity
the earth the people the plants the dark
every element different uniform set apart
look into they eyes of all people you see
and say to yourself .not one is like me.
think of the artist that constructed such
think of the oceans the rivers the love
imagine lust and the sight responsible
think of commitment the sign stoppin you
our world is unique in each every aspect
find two equivlents isnt wont be and hasnt
think of the paint used to create our souls
our mold see the stranger ask who it be
think of the fat ugly pretty skinny tall short
and look how we come together beautifully
think of gods tears used for the oceans
he is a sad being over fixed with emotion
think of the one you love think of smiles
consider life as a whole. the jury in its trials
think of your life the greed envy and hate
think of yourself. and realize you are .....

one of a kind. beautiful. and great......

Posted by Soul Theory
nice poem yo.

it makes you think. deep shit. keep it up. if u combine ur poetry into ur rappin if u do audio, you'll be straight.

Posted by Legendary
lol, ignore what I said on AIM. I'm an idiot and it usually takes some time for me to understand what the writing is about, if I ever do.

You asked about the content. I think it's really good. Everybody should take a look at themselves the way you described in this writing.

"look into they eyes of all people you see
and say to yourself .not one is like me.
think of the artist that constructed such"

I think I sent those things to you on AIM. Thats the lines that stood out to me most. I do think about those things, like I said. I like the ending on it too. I wasn't expecting you to tell me to think about myself. I know you're waiting for this response so I'll go ahead and post it up for you.

I thought this was a really good writing though. Different than the ones I've been reading on here. Keep posting more of your stuff.

Posted by Kosta
damn i must
suck. i get slept
on like city benches..

Posted by Legendary
I'll get on another name and respond to it again :P lol

Posted by deacon
Alright i checked your piece and i think it was written well. It reminded me of that TLC song (only i dont remember the title)LOL.
The structure of it at times threw me off but some people like their stuff written differently.Overall pretty nice piece


Posted by Kosta

Posted by Eviley
i liked this
true feeling sure does make you think
Love you


Posted by DaGyrlRemarqabL
Tight poem. Awe inspiring message. Nice writez, Sand. Stay up n keep blessin us.

Posted by nunother
ay, that makes me feel good bout myself! keep doin what u do

Posted by Eviley
he always seems to do shit like that with his words......

Posted by Tourniquet
Ahh i like this... this had a strong message on both a personal level and also a wordly one.. Not only inspiring us to realise ourselves as unique, and in our own rights all beautiful.. but also in realising that, helping us to understand that so is everyone/everything else.
We are all different, no two are alike, and yet we all, as fellow inhabitants of this beautiful creation, share in common such indivual beauty. The variety of life all fixing together to make our World united, and beautiful.

Great Verse :)

Posted by Kosta
thank you for the replies...