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Topic Title Author
Phrantik (0-0) vs THOG (0-0)Trapt Wit
LLL Match Reviews (by Aisle Phive)Trapt Wit
Anyman - Shot at LLL entryFeeble Minded
PredictionsFeeble Minded
Wise Ways (0-1) vs. def Con (1-1)Feeble Minded
Aisle 5 (5-2) vs. Fue-Xion(2-1)Feeble Minded
Sand(3-1) vs. Jacent(1-0)Feeble Minded
Razah Skrybe(0-0) vs. K. Largo(6-5)Feeble Minded
Com(4-6) vs. B.I. detained(1-0)Feeble Minded
Token(2-0) vs. Booga(1-0)Feeble Minded
Mystery~murdera(8-2) vs. Trapt Wit(8-2)Feeble Minded
Born To Kill(1-1) vs. Auspicuous(1-1)Feeble Minded
Walter Wall(5-2) vs. Allegory(0-2)Feeble Minded
LW title shot: Quotient(2-1) vs. NLitEnd(4-1)Feeble Minded
MW title: Lethargic(6-0) vs. Koncept(3-1)Feeble Minded
HW title: Feeble Minded(8-4) vs. Avalon(10-1)Feeble Minded
B.I. detained (0-0) vs. Young P (0-0)Feeble Minded
PredictionsFeeble Minded
N LitEnd (3-1) vs. FuE-Xion (2-0)Feeble Minded
aisle 5 (4-2) vs. Def Con (1-0)Feeble Minded
Born To Kill (1-0) vs. Sand (0-0)Feeble Minded
Booga (0-0) vs. Fatal Words (0-0)Feeble Minded
horud skys (0-1) vs. auspicuous (0-1)Feeble Minded
Token (1-0) vs. Derive (0-0)Feeble Minded
Quotient (2-1) vs. Mystery~murdera (7-2)Feeble Minded
Jacent (0-0) vs. Allegory (0-1)Feeble Minded
LW title: Lethargic (5-0) vs. Koalatee (1-1)Feeble Minded
MW title: K. Largo (6-4) vs. Avalonius (9-1)Feeble Minded
HW title: Feeble Minded (7-4) vs. Walter (5-1)Feeble Minded
Punch of the Week:Feeble Minded
Allegory vs. Punch N WordsFeeble Minded
Triple L: PredictionsFeeble Minded
Horud Skys vs. Born To KillFeeble Minded
Avalonious vs. AuspiciousFeeble Minded
Dixie (0-0) vs. Aisle 5 (0-0)Feeble Minded
Token (0-0) vs. Wise Ways (0-0)Feeble Minded
Lirael One (0-0) vs. Def Con (0-0)Feeble Minded
N LitEnd (3-0) vs. FuE-Xion (1-0)Feeble Minded
COM (4-5) vs. Jack N Bank$ (1-1)Feeble Minded
Rhode (1-0) vs. Lethargic (4-0)Feeble Minded
Taktik (8-3) vs. 13th Disciple (7-3)Feeble Minded
MW title Match: Walter Wall (4-1) vs. Dimense (5-2)Feeble Minded
LW title match: Mystery~murdera (7-1) vs. K. Largo (5-4)Feeble Minded
HW Title Match: Feeble Minded (6-4) vs Evolve (9-1)Feeble Minded
Quotient 0-0 vs Aisle 5 0-0Quotient
Rhode. 0-0 vs phiXion 0-0Quotient
Chrit 8-1 vs Evolve 8-1Quotient
13th Disciple 6-3 vs Taktik 8-2 vs Mystery~Murdera 7-1Quotient
Avalon 7-1 vs fgee 6-2Quotient
COM 4-4 vs Dimense 4-2Quotient
Bribeone1 5-3 vs Feeble Minded 5-4Quotient
Mentill 2-2 vs Walter Wall 3-1Quotient
Nu Lecture 1-1 vs phiXion 1-2Quotient
Jack N. Bank$ 1-0 vs N LitEnd 2-0Quotient
Axe E. Um 4-0 vs Lethargic 3-0Quotient
FuE-xIon 0-0 vs Dialect OTYP 0-0Quotient
Quotient 0-0 vs K.Largo 0-0Quotient
Matches will go up later todayQuotient
~Championship~ Feeble Minded VS AllegoryEvolve
Feeble Minded VS Walter WallEvolve