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Topic Title Author
-[p-S-a]- Recruitingvillagepimp
Is it worth it...anxiety
THE ILL-SUPREMACY CREW-coming soonHuzzle
WANT YOUR CREW FORUM BACK? click hereLa Cosa Nostra
B.E.S.T Crew.... come and joinMurDaH187
Who wants to be a bully?King Solo
CREWS CHECK IN.. im in a useless forum cutting mood today.La Cosa Nostra
ill rhyme empireTech
Hip Hop Kings Is Hereleady
Adam & PalsAdam
The Best Damn Crew (BDC).Burden.
The B.E.S.T. Crew (now recruiting)LPMNDCTE
Living LegendsE.C
exclusive shit niggas -[p-S-a]- back again47.29" of Zigs
collabs for the only zig zag cd that will ever come out47.29" of Zigs
Make Yourself A Living Legend. GET PAID TO $PITproliferate
Don't usually do thisJonathon
Mixtape Featuring All American Artists!!!!!!!steve_swagger
What The Fuck Happened To...fuck yuu
D.O.P.E. -- Division Of Premier EmceesBig Keeb
Poetic SuicideCola
Remember when C.A.L.I used to..Adam
Sourpatch Kids (real try out)American Tiger
I.H.C.J.S.F.M.T.R.H.P.M.M.W.T.S.M.S.I.T.F.F.W.A.S. A CrewIn-Vision
Sour Patch Kids (try outs)American Tiger
Seek n' DestroyLay.
i think my crew is dead50Cal.
Optimistically Genius.Kirk
Ultimatum - Audio n TextLPMNDCTE
Old Heads Of RVsnipes
Envied Thoughtz (TrYoUt ThReAd)phenom1
shit... any of u old -[p-S-a]- heads47.29" of Zigs
300JG Hunt ListValiant
You, Me & scanzRed Bull
New Crew: UnemployedRed Bull
what crew is active??Ransum
M.I.C.S. Try-Outs Arena!Fly-E
crew battle..... open to the public....Ransum
The NettersCola
Yo So Whos The Battlers?Fly-E
300 J.G tryout....Ransum
New CrewDiet Coke
Chip and Red Bull!Fly-E
crew battle..... open to the public..Ransum
_/|\_the B.e.s.t Crew Tryouts_/|\_Sonny Barz.
WTF wit the councilRagnarok
Chryme Syndicate tryouts.In-Vision
100 Niggaz* Gun ShopValiant
Bridging the Rap...looking for ACTIVE HEADS...Tha .Q
The JuryValor