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Topic Title Author
Accepting BattlesTADAH
WHO the fuck is on this site!?Ben Dope.
YO you AUDIO headsHalf WIT it
Open calloutNew Meth0d
bored...get at meILL GEE
Jett ... its audio timeLPMNDCTE
samurajackoffThe Jett
50calThe Jett
speats!!!Jay Rose
Coke DealerThe Jett
50CalWaikiki Wipeout
Lookin for a battle.The Jett
Who wants to battleSpeats
LatinKitten Enter DeuschAmerican Tiger
Fuck YouDiePod
average worries of todayshanmailer7
average worries of todayshanmailer7
Www.realrapgame.comTrap Star
who want what?????leady
Free versesshanmailer7
Battleone way
Down for an audio BattleBlackmage
SomebodyAmerican Tiger
SpUL I'm callin you out.American Tiger
Let's do itRed Line
Battle?Mystic City
Anyone, never battled audio before so..Speats
Callin' out King HoMo, or any Otha NomO YO!GKillaz05
Beat Battle!!! Anybody!!!Speats
Any One.....DiePod
Anybody down?L.E
Would be down for one.Blackmage
lets rock da mic bitchesChris Stylez
Full song battle anyone?*Froze*
sparMike Morris
Auidio battle open all out.Valiant
callin out Mystic ya lil faglild
text naw its auido time....Mystic City
Is taking on any comers...TeamOne
I'm Back....Anyone?Premanition
ITs been awhile........iamthatdude87
Mother Fuckin Incest Members From RvESQ Da Killah
Multi battleone way
Jay 3rd*Froze*
Open Battle.The Jett
Anybody that feels they have some sorta problem with me...Blackmage
who wanna battleJay 3rd
Tito Bronsky*Froze*