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Writers Block 3.Archeologist
Final who Do you all predict then?Archeologist
Triple_N 'vs' CarsonJetX2 'vs' ArcheologistArcheologist
Beef Its The Semi'sArcheologist
Socrates 'vs' CarsonJetX2Archeologist
Triple_N 'vs' PremanitionArcheologist
Archeologist 'vs' SdizzleArcheologist
SemisLogic The Goonie
fuckin wackIntrospect.
Hypothesilization.Logic The Goonie
Attention VotersLogic The Goonie
Beef Like Fuck.Archeologist
Socrates 'vs' Daz 'vs' SdizzleArcheologist
CarsonJetX2 'vs' PlutoniumArcheologist
...Introspect... 'vs' ArcheologistArcheologist
Triple_N 'vs' Intensity effectArcheologist
3rdShift 'vs' PremanitionArcheologist
Third RoundLogic The Goonie
Prize Fund.Archeologist
Im Sorry To Get Extremely MadMask Murderous
Beef it up.Archeologist
...Apocalypse... 'vs' Vango 'vs' SubtleTeeArcheologist
Wicked One 'vs' DazArcheologist
Schema 'vs' sdizzleArcheologist
Archeologist 'vs' SocratesArcheologist
shadow 'vs' PremanitionArcheologist
Plutonium 'vs' Verbal PhenomArcheologist
intensify effect 'vs' NostradamusArcheologist
CarsonJetX2 'vs' RevokeArcheologist
KiNg SoLO 'vs' 3rd ShiftArcheologist
distilled 'vs' Triple_NArcheologist
Battles Up Monday.Archeologist
2nd rounddistilled
Don't Forget!!distilled
*Lyrical Madnes* 'vs' DazArcheologist
Premanition 'vs' ~Ku$tUm-Im@gE~Archeologist
Revoke 'vs' Sick Wit It Archeologist
ShottaBoy 'vs' Triple_NArcheologist
...Genius... 'vs' OreoArcheologist
Wicked One 'vs' DurmilArcheologist
Plutonium 'vs' YvonneArcheologist
CarsonJetX2 'vs' The DiscipleArcheologist
Sdizzle 'vs' illest_freestyleArcheologist
Archeologist 'vs' ILLegitimateArcheologist
intensity effect 'vs' HoPeArcheologist
Paramik 'vs' Verbal PhenomArcheologist
Schema 'vs' NostradamusArcheologist
~IiL Prophet~ 'vs' VangoArcheologist
Shadow 'vs' TrooperArcheologist
Scenario 'vs' DistilledArcheologist
Judge & Jury 'vs' [~*Lady Fiya*~]Archeologist
Socrates 'vs' sPuLArcheologist
^Lucifer^ 'vs' 3rd-ShiftArcheologist
Tourny Is Dedicated To..Archeologist
New Moderator.Archeologist
Sign Up We Start Saturday Or Sunday.Archeologist
Fuck It Ill Run This Shit Seen As Poppa Kapp Left.Archeologist