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Limited Edition's First Tutorial...Recording With A Shitty-Ass Mic With Good QualityL.E
Audio Tutorial: Q-style...improve your vocals, mixing, editingTha Q.
OMB's Multi/Flow/Rapping Tutorial!Terumoto
Personals - A quick LessonFeeble Minded
Basics of rap battling.......Laughta
metaphors and rhyme scheme. broken down a littleBaron Mynd
Just Some Bullshit ..Baron Mynd
Chrit Breaks Down VotingMr.Christensen
Camarac and The Realist discuss how to better your writingMr.Christensen
The Official Guide To Rapping/FreestylingPeety Popeyes
metaphors, flow and rhyme scheme explained. for those who would like to elevateKeys aka Vital
Stuck in between being average and being good?cameronj86
Punchlines and Personals .Feeble Minded.
REAL battle AssistanceAn']['hropoLog•
Freestyling TipsTha Vision
Freestyling TipsTha Vision
Ryhme Scheme (important)PostMan
The One That Helped MeDa Joka
Battling 101 - Explained Perfectly.Xpoz'D