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The no-shows and the close battles...Dervla
Drama Queen vs. Satans SpawnDQ
Atticus vs. TheLivinLegendDQ
Acuity vs. LyriclesoljaDQ
.Lola "Kitten" Cruez. II vs. Mystic ChaosDQ
Anxiety vs. .Lola Cruez. IIKing Solo
EliJah SpitZ vs. Satans SpawnKing Solo
HiPnoTiK vs. MentalzKing Solo
V.i.P vs. UntraceableKing Solo
Diligence vs. MimesisKing Solo
St.Mad Knight vs. UderfrykteKing Solo
Sick.I.Am vs. Drama QueenKing Solo
Acuity vs. ApostropheKing Solo
Mystic Chaos vs. Mizz FyreKing Solo
BattlesKing Solo
RankingsKing Solo
Topical Sign Ups.King Solo
Poetry Sign Ups.King Solo
*~Notice Of Closure~*King Solo
soul?uest vs. Drama QueenCrazy Hades
Daemon vs. ~Bless~King Solo
-Total Annihilation-King Solo
shodown vs. PaynDQ
Atticus vs. LyriclesoljaDQ
Shodown vs. X-tortionKing Solo
Technical vs. Sick.I.AmKing Solo
CriTiC vs. Drama QueenKing Solo
The Revelation vs. ApostropheKing Solo
Mizz Fyre vs. .Lola Cruez. IIKing Solo
King Solo vs. ParoxysmKing Solo
Sin'Cere vs. AnxietyKing Solo
Acuity vs. Flow IntelligentKing Solo
Fraud vs. StanzaKing Solo
Mad Knight vs. Mystic ChaosKing Solo
Issue #1: The HT Topical MagazineKing Solo
Week 2 Chat/BeefKing Solo
Week 2 PredictionsKing Solo
Week 3 Sign Outs.King Solo
Week 3 Sign Ups.King Solo
Week 1 Chat/BeefDQ
Week 1 PredictionsDQ
Critic vs. Stanza vs. .Lola Cruez. IIDQ
Lyriclesolja vs. soul?uestDQ
Drama Queen vs. Demonic StormDQ
New Method vs. shodownDQ
Acuity vs. AtticusDQ
Fresh StartDQ
Week 2 Sign UpsDQ
Week 2 Sign OutsDQ
Daemon vs. ParoxysmKing Solo
Flow Intelligent vs. IllumaticKing Solo
CrownedHeights vs. StanzaKing Solo
Immense vs. Drakel vs. The RevelationKing Solo
~Bless~ vs. ShodownKing Solo
X-tortion vs. ApostropheKing Solo
Demonic Storm vs. King SoloKing Solo
Fraud vs. Dizzee RascalKing Solo
Thassarap vs. AcuityKing Solo
Mizz Fyre vs. Drama QueenKing Solo
Mystic Chaos vs. CriticKing Solo