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no links no feed!Dufflebag Boy
Imagine ...... (Real Shit ..)Real_Talk
Whos is better?anxiety
skeptikal - untitled free write.skeptikal
guidelines for newcomersDufflebag Boy
open mic rules..READ THEMDufflebag Boy
yoK Illa
Political CriminalsK Illa
You Know Who You Are BitchK Illa
Illest Rap in RVK Illa
freestyle some fee pleasePlayBoyBlaze
Im HerePlayBoyBlaze
Droppin frees fo RVK Illa
The IntroK Illa
got somthin to prove (read and feed)PlayBoyBlaze
Fuck RVPlayBoyBlaze
RV we comin for yallPlayBoyBlaze
you comin at ballerstatus?A K
"The Nightmare Before Christmas"Baron, Bitch!
Yeah Im feelin myself (No Homo) NGN memberPlayBoyBlaze
Lloyd Banks- PlayBoy Rmx (my version)PlayBoyBlaze
Home Of The HardestKR0NiK-U
"HellBound" (First Post on RV)KR0NiK-U
"Dancing In The Darkness"Baron, Bitch!
FuCk It!//*Froze*
its whatever!Ransum
Yitksha & Dogma: 15 Bars of DoomElegiac
Ngn Iz Here NiggazPlayBoyBlaze
Eddie and MackValiant
So Cold*Froze*
The Best Shit On Here*Froze*
"Industry Beef"Crime
Local Emcees~6lu loC~
Chaos TheoryO//^\\EGA
''Just Listen''Crime
When I seek truth.Valerie
'' Life is Crazy''Crime
>>My Letters<<Vokes
"7 Miles High to heaven"Crime
"Lifes a Dice Game"Crime
Fuck South LondonJ Bee
my thoughtsYoung Fear
"Real Life Stories: The Amish Schoolhouse Massacre"Baron, Bitch!
Whats the world coming to?anxiety
Topical Story cypherYsdat
2 word Multi'sYsdat
one bar of deathYsdat
Set yourself upYsdat
Get That CuntYsdat
L.I.(4-2) vs .Fallen.(1-0)Its a me.. Mario
Everyone readIndeph
2 Word Multi CypherMimesis
1-2 Punchline CypherMimesis
Diss The Person Above You CypherMimesis
2 Word Multi CypherMimesis
Networkin -Big City feat Yount KastroBig City
So DestructivePaul Cain