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Seventhird - Got Skills ChampionPhenom-in-all
ROUND 4 - FINALS! SevenThird vs. Triple NPhenom-in-all
Should tourny records count?Phenom-in-all
-=BEEF Thread=-Know-Gimix
Round 3. S e n s e R vs. Triple_NKnow-Gimix
RD.2 - Vendetta/Phenom vs. The WigPhenom-in-all
RD.2 - SevenThirdvs. CalamityPhenom-in-all
RD.2 - Senser vs. KingzPhenom-in-all
RD.2 - L.O.T. vs. Triple NPhenom-in-all
SevenThird vs. JPollPhenom-in-all
Soulless vs. The WigPhenom-in-all
Phenom-in-all vs. RestrictedPhenom-in-all
CarsonJetx2 vs. CalamityPhenom-in-all
Hypnotic/SpitFury vs. KingzPhenom-in-all
Senser vs. DelinquentPhenom-in-all
Liquor of Tears vs. EnygmaPhenom-in-all
Triple N vs. Calhoun TibbsPhenom-in-all
Predictions for Sweet 16The Jett
Tournament BracketThe Jett
Real ShitWatermelon Haze
MOB and Executive VS Voodoo and PhoenexAn']['hropoLog•
GRaFFiK n BIDDEN vs Kracka n RicoGRaFFiK_NaTuRE
Who Needs A CrewBigDave
LyNx Fx 4 LiFeMC Phoenix
who tryin to tag upYung Thugga
Envy Ny, murderous methods vs who the fuck ever wanna battle.murderous_method
YoungMik~PhiXion -v- CarsonJet~SyniKill- Prospect -
Let's goWhitEMagiC
Castle00 and ThugzDoCry (NYG) vs. Prolifik Prophet and YOUNG MIK (Executives)Prolifik Prophet
Merking King, Crysis v.s Able, lil landoverMerking King
(CrewTagBattle) N.Y.G Vs Fatal Executives (ThugzDoCry,Pot1ent,Vs TakTik,Serial SlayerEdicius
N.Y.G Vs Fatal Executives (ThugzDoCry,Pot1ent,Vs TakTik,Serial SlayerEdicius
dw vs B.A.D R.A.Pdw.
ThugzDoCRy,Pot1ent(Nasty Young Gangsta's,N.Y.G) Vs??Edicius
steve-o and the rest VS. M.A.W.maxximum
R-Rated, D-Underground6, B.A.D.R.A.P. VS Mystik Mind, Solar Eclipse, StreetLegendR-Rated
lets rocklil~john
IllestKilla & YoungWhiteThug (M.C) v.s Instigat0r & Kerrdezzy (E.A)IllestKilla
constant-underatedoverhated-illest killa vs. neurotic-leopard-thuggedoutkracka...CoNstaNT
makaveli and Tha_sandman VS ACE OF SPADES and Purple hazeInStIgAt0r
Mic Check (Warlords) vs Xpoz'D (Culture VI)Xpoz'D
Pair (Warlords) vs AxL (Culture VI)Xpoz'D
X ecution (Warlords) vs Phrantik (Culture VI)Xpoz'D
Battle against B.R.ETha_Rhymer
The Elements{{Venedetta}} VS. Illegal Crew{{LyricBrutalizer}}Pr0phecy
Untouchables vs I.L.L : MC KILLA T vs G_Gizmo.GuzMaven
Untouchables vs I.L.L : conspiracy vs playMaven
Untouchables vs I.L.L : G UNIT BROOKLYN vs Grimey WonMaven
Untouchables vs I.L.L : MC KILLA T vs G_Gizmo.GuzMaven
Untouchables vs I.L.L : conspiracy vs playMaven
Killa Kobra Vs. Killa InstinkzKobra
otic kept secret and carsonjet vs Qb snyper and 2003 soldierotic kept secret
otic and carsonjet vs qb sniper and 2003 solderotic kept secret
Mask Murderous VS THE RegimeExit 9
anyone wanna battleTyler911
Duce2s and XanaX vs g unit brookly and newrappernewrapper
dueces2, xanax vs newrapper, g unit brooklynnewrapper
Quill & Avalon<----VS---->Enigmatic & BluNT-Mc (THP vs LF)BlUnT-MC