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I'm doneIn-Vision
Welcome Back Atticus.In-Vision
Verbal EmotionsNitrogen
one of the original niggasBlack Thief
What the Fuck?CounTREE Jay
yesterday missmatteratti?
Bad news folks...In-Vision
Its my Birthday!Elegiac
Wtf?Brandon Cee
Welcome Makaveli Trained & Yitkshaatti?
Sorry for the extra thread, i know this'll make u mad but.....TonyTone
C.S Time To Get NOK'ed Out~Tony Green~
Exclusive New C.s. Banger!!!!!smoke Uno
meet tha newest crhymiesmoke Uno
CS text collab postedYsdat
Wtf at yal.......TonyTone
Yo What Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~Babylon~
new track,drop feed.Ysdat
Buisness (other crews get at us here)Ysdat
Lets Go...~Tony Green~
Need Some Feedback?atti?
Whats GoodIn-Vision
attention please...SUPERVILLAIN
I dunno who's makin the sigs rund here but hop to it, yo...Dirty Nigga
I'm doneMentalz
Metafo' Cypher :)Dirty Nigga
HWC is calling you outKawn Flixx
Professor's Sig ShopBrandon Cee
crew collab for marchWilla
i'm outtie...Lay-z
PZ Crew....Brandon Cee
tech skillzDickard.
count to a billionWilla
word associationWilla
This or thatWilla
1 word cypherWilla
Paranoid Or MeFlowIntelligent.
Umm.. Yeah..Mimesis
What?! STFU.Mimesis
Im callin out crewsFlowIntelligent.
collab anyone?Willa
oh my fucking god!Dickard.
Welcome Me Back.....-Substance-
u get to my sig?OrEo da cookie
Here You Go Shodown-Substance-
I need a sigFlowIntelligent.
welcome o.0Willa
Need a crew to battleMentalz
Inter-Crew Battle Sign Up'sMentalz
Trap HouseLay-z
12 More Wins To Go...King Solo