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man :IDabatos
Participants and MoneySean Gunner
Drama Queen!! Golden!!Dabatos
Sign Ups For VE 4!!!Dabatos
Flow Intelligent (May 05)Dabatos
Flow Intelligent Vs. HellsFire (CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH)Dabatos
Make BEts!!Dabatos
Jimmy vs. F.I. vs. DabatosDabatos
Hells Fire vs KesseDabatos
Golden!! sET UP BATTLES..Dabatos
Dabatos Vs. Golden DayzDabatos
Babylon Vs. (Jimmy Pockets)Dabatos
Os1ris Vs. CrosswordDabatos
Given Light Vs. Hells FireDabatos
Kesse Vs. H-N-I-CDabatos
Buck.Shot Vs. Flow IntelligentDabatos
This Is Wack.. Dont Delete This DabatosFlowIntelligent.
Who's Post Getting CutDabatos
Verbal Emotions Chronicle!!Dabatos
Given Light Vs. R.E.D.Dabatos
Hells Fire Vs. Clear EmotionsDabatos
Babylon Vs. (Jimmy Pocketz)Dabatos
Crossword Vs. Os1risDabatos
H-N-I-C Vs. Buck.ShotDabatos
Flow_Intelligent Vs. KesseDabatos
R.E.D. Vs. Absent_minded84Dabatos
Myspace Music thingyDabatos
Eph Vs. CrosswordDabatos
.K.onfliktz vs. H-N-I-CDabatos
Forgotten Flow Vs. Os1risDabatos
Acuity Vs. (Jimmy Pocketz)Dabatos
Hells Fire Vs. VersatilityDabatos
Given Light Vs. MiSta_AuTh3nTiQDabatos
Tony Green Vs. TheFlowIsSickDabatos
E.C Vs. ~Babylon~Dabatos
Clear Emotions Vs. Wet WillyDabatos
Buck.Shot Vs. Limited EditionDabatos
Drama Queen Vs. KesseDabatos
closed thread..Dabatos
Any Topics that should be written about in VE's Chronicle?Dabatos
Closed ThreadDabatos
Read New Idea!Dabatos
Sign Ups!! 1 day left to sing upDabatos
Rules and IshSean Gunner
VE is now finished!!Dabatos
Anxiety (March 05)Dabatos
Nostrodamus (December 04)Dabatos
Hells Fire vs. Drama Queen vs. AnxietySean Gunner
Dabatos vs.Sean Gunner
Acuity vs. Drama QueenSean Gunner
Anxiety vs. ~Babylon~Sean Gunner
.K.onfliktz Vs. Young DukeDabatos
ILLunatic Vs. .K.onfliktzDabatos
Golden.Days Vs. ScarefaceDabatos
Acuity Vs. ~Babylon~Dabatos
Dabatos Vs. MetaskriptzDabatos