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Do You Care if We Go Another Week?Sean Gunner
I'm Getting Sick of ThisSean Gunner
New Method vs. ChiefSean Gunner
The Revelation vs. ThatNiggaSean Gunner
cu cullian vs. DaubsSean Gunner
Xplosive vs. Lady FiyaSean Gunner
Week 5 Sign OutSean Gunner
Week 5 Sign UpsSean Gunner
Daubs vs. E.CSean Gunner
G: Deuce vs. FatalSean Gunner
9th Degree vs. ChiefSean Gunner
ThatNigga vs. New Meth0dSean Gunner
Snipes vs. Lady FiyaSean Gunner
Rawk James vs. The RevelationSean Gunner
Week 3 Sign OutsSean Gunner
Week 3 Sign UpsSean Gunner
Max Mcfly vs. The RevelationSean Gunner
Battle set upSean Gunner
Untraceable vs. New Meth0dSean Gunner
Xplosive vs. ChiefSean Gunner
G: Deuce vs. DaubsSean Gunner
Enygma vs. SnipesSean Gunner
Snipes vs. Chief vs. UntraceableSean Gunner
Daubs vs. Max McflySean Gunner
Xplosive vs. New Meth0dSean Gunner
Week 2 Sign OutsSean Gunner
Week 2 Sign UpsSean Gunner
(0-0) Snipes vs. Max Mcfly (0-0)Sean Gunner
(0-0) .Fatal. vs. Daubs (0-0)Sean Gunner
(0-0) Chief vs. New Meth0d (0-0) E.C (0-0)Sean Gunner
(0-0) -KSR- vs. Untraceable (0-0)Sean Gunner
Rules and SuggestionsSean Gunner
RankingsSean Gunner
Suggestions/ComplaintsSean Gunner
Topic SuggestionsSean Gunner
What this IsSean Gunner
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