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This Is DeadWilla
Week 1 sign outsE.C
Week 1 sign insE.C
Week 1 PredictionsE.C
Week 1 Chat/BeefE.C
HW: Flow Intelligent vs. Limited EditionE.C
HW: carsonjet vs. Denied TruthE.C
HW: .Barz of steel. vs. willapeerE.C
HW: Caliph vs. King SoloE.C
HW: 9th Degree vs. New Meth0dE.C
MW: Misk vs. MadikE.C
MW: Tweety vs. Un-Fuck-WidableE.C
MW: -Cezar- vs. Artik PhrostE.C
MW: intermental vs. Dizzee RascalE.C
MW: Mad knight vs. Drama QueenE.C
LW: opt1k vs. SoljahE.C
LW: knaledg1 vs. Pair-A-DocksE.C
LW: ~Bless vs. ...Genius...E.C
LW: Illang vs. ThassarapE.C
LW:.::.Provoked.::. vs. ThaCrunkOneE.C
Rules and InformationE.C
whats happening with this?Ysdat
Chat or Beef in hereE.C
-Season 1 Roster-E.C
Sign upsE.C
Whats this league for?E.C