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Better Quality on pics, bg's, n even text.Fatal.
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dont be stupidLtizzle
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Grunge Sig Tutorial (Video Tut, must see for beginners)Just so unreaL
Pixel Stretch TutorialJust so unreaL
Car Motion Tutorial.Just so unreaL
Graphic Sites ( To be a good artist)Tremendous
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how to make cool sigs.....Infamuz
Animation for the Simple MindedSean Gunner
whats some dope fonts?20 GraND
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Text blending...[.:D:.]
Good picture Blending[.:D:.]
How to make a REAL Multicolored Background[.:D:.]
photoshop helpLyricalMa$tamind
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THE FIRST REAL TUT HERE: Abstract Basicsdistilled
Become a Better gfx artistGraphical
Steel TextGraphical
Great Image EnhancerGraphical
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3 or 2 px borderCRiSS-CROSS