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PredictionsSean Gunner
Suspicious (4-0) vs. The Revelation (4-0)Sean Gunner
Red Bull (3-1) vs. Drama Queen (3-1)Sean Gunner
Suggest Some TopicsSean Gunner
Flow Intelligent (2-1) vs. Suspicious (3-0)Sean Gunner
Diligance (2-1) vs. Xplosive (2-1)Sean Gunner
The Revelation (3-0) vs. Drama Queen (3-0)Sean Gunner
Red Bull (2-1) vs. Mentalz (2-1) vs. Oz. (2-1)Sean Gunner
Moving On to Next RoundSean Gunner
I'm gonna be a MOdSean Gunner
Mag Comes In Tommorrow-Substance-
Battles Are Set Up!!!Sean Gunner
shodown (1-1) vs. Red Bull (1-1) vs. Blackmage (1-1)Sean Gunner
Xplosive (1-1) vs. Fathom This (1-1)Sean Gunner
vafinest (1-1) vs. Daubs (1-1)Sean Gunner
Diligence (1-1) vs. King Solo (1-1)Sean Gunner
Oz. (2-0) vs. Suspicious (2-0)Sean Gunner
Flow Intelligent (2-0) vs. Drama Queen (2-0)Sean Gunner
Mentalz (2-0) vs. The Revelation (2-0)Sean Gunner
Round 3 PredictionsKing Solo
Chat/beef thread.Dervla
Aimez 1-0 vs Lyric 0-1Dervla
Red Bull 1-0 vs Lil C 0-1Dervla
Diligence 0-1 vs Sick. 0-1Dervla
MoTiF 0-1 vs Fathom This 0-1Dervla
Suspicious 1-0 vs Dabatos 0-1Dervla
E.C 0-1 vs GKillaz05 0-1Dervla
Mentalz 1-0 vs Nick Fletcher 1-0Dervla
Memphis 0-1 vs In-Vision 0-1Dervla
Flow Intelligent 1-0 vs Daubs 1-0Dervla
T.r.oo.P 0-1 vs Limited Edition 0-1Dervla
Mystic Chaos vs vafinestDervla
Xplosive 0-1 vs Ill Technique 0-1Dervla
shodown 1-0 vs Drama Queen 1-0Dervla
The Revelation 1-0 vs Past Tense 0-1Dervla
0-1 vs Blackmage 1-0Dervla
By the way...Crazy Hades
GKillaz05 vs SuspiciousDervla
Memphis vs DaubsDervla
shodown vs Given Light.Dervla
MoTiF vs DabatosDervla
T.r.oo.P vs vafinestDervla
Flow Intelligent vs Limited EditionDervla
Nick Fletcher vs E.CDervla
Sick vs Red BullDervla
Diligence vs Fathom ThisDervla
Blackmage vs Past TenseDervla
Lil C vs AimezDervla
Mad Knizzle vs Drama QueenDervla
Mentalz vs In-VisionDervla
Mystic Chaos vs Ill TechniqueDervla
Lyric vs XplosiveDervla
vs The RevelationDervla
Topic Suggestion ThreadDervla
Vision Of Words sign upsDervla