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Everyone LookWilla
Week III MagWordz AhGod
Rankings & Predictions/ChatDickard.
3. Prah'Ject (2-0) vs. 2. Past Tense (2-0) vs. 1. Default (2-0)Dickard.
4. Willa (2-1) vs. 5. Enygma (1-0)Dickard.
6. TitoBronsky (1-0) vs. 7. Acuity (1-1)Dickard.
8. K.ontroverz.Y (1-1) vs. 9. ~Luciano~ (1-1)Dickard.
10. C.Jet (0-1) vs. 11. Ace Heratoga (0-2)Dickard.
12. Implicit (0-2) vs. 13. Sane (0-2)Dickard.
14. TeamOne (0-2) vs. 15. Wordz Ahgod (0-2)Dickard.
16. TonyBrown (0-0) vs. 17. Yvonne (0-0)Dickard.
September's Special EventK.ontroverz.Y
Special Events for week 3Dickard.
Rankings & Chat/PredictionsDickard.
Week 2 Sept 18th MagazineWordz AhGod
Chat It UpK.ontroverz.Y
Week II CypherDickard.
1.Default vs. 2.K.ontroverz.yDickard.
3.~Luciano~ vs. 4.Past TenseDickard.
5.Prah'Ject vs. 6.Ace HeraTogaDickard.
7. Acuity vs. 8.ImplicitDickard.
9.Sane vs. 10.TeamOneDickard.
11. Willa vs. 12. Wordz AhgodDickard.
13. C.Jet vs. 14. EnygmaDickard.
17.Lee Miles vs. 18.YoungVibesDickard.
15.HoodStar vs. 16. TitoBronskyDickard.
Idea for Next Weeks Special Event "Delete When Read"K.ontroverz.Y
Battles that can be voted onWordz AhGod
Want a Special event or have a suggestion for one?Wordz AhGod
TeamOne (0-0) vs. Sane (0-0)Dickard.
Week 1 Chat and Predictions:Dickard.
Mag (week1 September 10th, 2006)Wordz AhGod
Willa (0-0) vs. Default (0-0)Dickard.
TeamOne (0-0) vs. TitoBronsky (0-0)Dickard.
Sane (0-0) vs. Enygma (0-0)Dickard.
K.ontroverz.Y (0-0) vs. Acuity (0-0)Dickard.
Implicit (0-0) vs. Prah'ject (0-0)Dickard.
Past Tense (0-0) vs. Wordz Ahgod (0-0)Dickard.
Ace Heratoga (0-0) vs. ~Luciano~ (0-0)Dickard.
BRATL RulesDickard.
Topic Suggestions:Dickard.
Sign UpsDickard.
Chat It UpDickard.