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lobbying should it be legal or illegal?_Talksic_
Do Aliens Exist!?JTR
is it ignorance is bliss or the truth will set u free?_Talksic_
HatersTha Q.
Belief in self...Dedicated to ALL THOSE HATETha Q.
ImpactTha Q.
Moral courage vs. Physical courageTha Q.
What are you guys doign now? Plans for the future so far?Dabatos
SAS Mental Endurance TrainingTha Q.
where science and religion connect_Talksic_
Why do bad things happen to good people?Tha Q.
whats the crazyst practical joke youve ever done_Talksic_
pre rapture or post rapture_Talksic_
hey, fuck boy, yeah youM&rk
What trials you guys been through so far?Dabatos
is love a game for fools?La Cosa Nostra
assisted suicide2v
fuck it allLa Cosa Nostra
too jaded for marrage...La Cosa Nostra
That's more like meshanmailer7
This word2v
50 cent the greatest?50Cal.
State of HIP-HOP50Cal.
Xanax discussion...La Cosa Nostra
Marijuana DiscussionAlphabetized
Doing a good act2v
should trans-gender folk2v
This sentence is false,2v
here's one more on a majority of RV's level2v
I know more about you than you do2v
Fun Lifestyles & Boring Lifestyles2v
Drug philosophy 1012v
Moral relativism2v
Food for thoughtM&rk
an odd wrap up theory of life, religion, ghosts, auras, the universe, God, & science.2v
Random stranger Life or Death2v
Are all things relative?Cola
outside insight on: Fortune Cookies2v
all women are whoresLa Cosa Nostra
Friend Life or DeathSerB
Bring a human closer to God through Science2v
Dreams: Remake? Who cares..2v
Interesting article I foundMaleficent
Read the sig.Tha .Q
Coincidence or self-perpetuated...Tha .Q
Alright, I'm seriously tired of George Bush and his lying co-part lackies.2v
Christians Legality In Masturbating According To Law Of God2v
A Great Storm?2v
Pass Judgment On ....2v
There is no ElReyTha .Q
Decyphering the Revelations of the Bible.2v
Guy from Austria locks up his daughter of age 17 and says she ran away2v
Meaning of LifeL.E
if israil was destroyed....La Cosa Nostra