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Final Round∆ P E X X
this is why yall need to bring me backTitoBronsky
RGM Round 2∆ P E X X
RGM Spotlight: Special Event winner Will Appear∆ P E X X
Head 2 Head: Rd. 2∆ P E X X
"The "big announcement".∆ P E X X
big announcementWilla
ATTENTION we need to voteWilla
My RedemptionDQ
Attn: Per Se & A-Team∆ P E X X
Redemptions for round 2∆ P E X X
Optional 'Holiday Event' w free kicks!∆ P E X X
Rules For Show And Provechronix
Round 2ILL GEE
KOOL Col-B's Redemtion: aka "fuckin, so hillarious, you'll go insane".∆ P E X X
Pop Lotty's Redemption, aka, a perfect example∆ P E X X
Show and ProveDQ
Event: "Show & Prove"∆ P E X X
Redemptions∆ P E X X
man fa real wtfLtizzle
man WTF?!L. Veracity
RGM H2H Spotlight: Will Appear∆ P E X X
When You've Spit Ya Verse Post it HereMad Dog
A Definite MustMad Dog
SPuL's Redemption.∆ P E X X
I've Made A Decision Based On The Welfare Of The Team And...Mad Dog
I Know Who Per Se Have Nominated...The Result Is In This PostMad Dog
per se: squad bE.C
Round 1 Winner: WTF?!∆ P E X X
Good News And Bad NewsMad Dog
Round 1: The Gig, track submissions.∆ P E X X
RGM! Rap Game Magazine. Rd. 1∆ P E X X
Head-2-Head: Round 1∆ P E X X
ImprovementL. Veracity
Update for Round I~Lady Fiya~
Update for Round I~Lady Fiya~
Who Are We Nominating? & Possible StrategyMad Dog
Round I - Crowd Feedback~Lady Fiya~
Squad A: The GigZone Out
Squad B: "The Gig" EventL.E
The A-TeamMad Dog
Miscellaneous predictons, breeze, and shit talking.∆ P E X X
Current Event: Round I - "The Gig"~Lady Fiya~
Event Questions.∆ P E X X
"How'd you pick the teams?" - Here's how.∆ P E X X
RGM - Rap Game Magazine. Rd 0∆ P E X X
Track Submissions. Event: The Demo.∆ P E X X
The G.N.S. aka "Everything you need to know and nothing you don't."∆ P E X X
Past Event: The Demo.∆ P E X X
H2H, Humiliation, Bonus info.∆ P E X X
Team: Per Se∆ P E X X
Team: A-Team∆ P E X X