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The End..Keith Moon
Championship: Keith v. Kirk v. BaphometKeith Moon
Championship RoundKeith Moon
Got-Soul vs. Baphomet vs. Mardu-Keith Moon
Kirk vs. FlightKeith Moon
Keith Moon vs. Nick FletcherKeith Moon
Souls round 1 predictionsYsdat
Mardu-Entite vs DickardDabatos
Dabs vs SUPERVILLAIN - Round 1Dabatos
DarkManner vs FlightDabatos
Kirk vs In- Vision - Round 1Dabatos
Baphomet vs Lay Fear - Round 1Dabatos
Big Chase vs Yung MEDIkated - Round 1Dabatos
Got Soul vs malicious - Round 1Dabatos
Battles Gonna be up today!Dabatos
Verbal EmotionsKeith Moon
Sign-UpsKeith Moon