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verse meMC TECK
(1)Groups Matches- Spew the blood from yer frothing mouth (COMMENTS/QUESTIONS HERE )varentao
(1) Group E Match: Lirael One v Walter Wallvarentao
(1) Group E Match: Necromancer v Lady Wunvarentao
(1) Group D Match: N LitEnd v Ludacrisvarentao
(1) Group D Match:Deacon v Diversevarentao
(1) Group C Match: Bouncedoggydog v Sublime Dvarentao
(1) Group C Match: Da NFamous v N-Demikvarentao
(1) Group B Match: Maven v Shawty Bvarentao
(1) Group B Match: Rule v Weapon M8varentao
(1) Group A Match: Trapt Wit v Unknown Skillzvarentao
(1) Group A Match: Feeble Minded v LA Streetzvarentao
1st Round - Group Stages - Haiku RB Tournament (Let the slashing begin)varentao
Twizted Ayngel vs fileddeacon
Baron God vs Deacondeacon
Understatement Vs. ContentDaGyrlRemarqabL
Round 3DaGyrlRemarqabL
Varentao Vs. UnderstatementDaGyrlRemarqabL
Madd Preacher Vs. ContentDaGyrlRemarqabL
N-Demik vs. UnderstatementThe End
Shiznit vs. Madd PreacherThe End
The Necromancer vs. ContentThe End
Deacon vs VarentaoThe End
Round Two:The End
...The End
Round One:The End
Prophiit vs. Sub..The End
Da Joka vs Madd PreacherThe End
Varentao vs. ThugzDoCryThe End
Understatement vs. Uben. SonnedThe End
Content vs. AddLibbThe End
The Necromancer vs. Sub..The End
Shiznit vs. Da NFamousThe End
Deacon vs. Purple HazeThe End
Topics For TournyThe End
Poetic Monarch Tourny.Phrantik
Finals: DaGyrlRemarqabL vs Sanddeacon
third round Varentao vs sanddeacon
Round Four: THE FINAL ROUNDdeacon
Understatement vs DaGyrlRemarqabLdeacon
third round guide lines,,,,,,,,,!!!!!deacon
round 2 Eviley vs varentaodeacon
Round 2 DaGyrlRemarqabL vs The Necromancerdeacon
phrantik vs Sanddeacon
Second Round Guidelines!!!!!!!deacon
Evilbombsquad vs DaGyrlRemarqabLdeacon
Sand vs A2Zdeacon
shiznit vs understatementdeacon
The Necromancer vs MBenzdeacon
Eviley vs Kaponedeacon
Gizmo Guz vs Oticdeacon
phrantik vs Mad Mandeacon
when is round twoNarcicyst
Count me outinspire
Driving crazyAngelicSheShe
why are we voting?inspire
how do i enter?PoEtiC
When's Judging?Tha Linez Drawn
jus a Tayste....SmoothCrmnl