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.::Mystic Predictions Rd.2::.Restricted
.::The Intwined Highlights::.Restricted
Big Chase Vs. R-RatedRestricted
For$aken Vs. Triple NRestricted
.::Critics Abuse::.Restricted
MoTiF Vs. R-RatedRestricted
Guranteed Vs. SuperiorRestricted
SDizzle Vs. The_OskRestricted
*~Flow Intelligent Vs. For$aken~*Restricted
Definatfully Vs. TournRestricted
Flow 2 Crazy Vs. MagicRestricted
Abstrakt Vs. BabylonRestricted
Artifakt-Wordz Vs. ShadowRestricted
Drastic Outlaw Vs. KroNuzRestricted
Awkwordz Vs. BigChaseRestricted
Enygma Vs. Ingenius MindRestricted
Lethal Lunatic Vs. ManipulationRestricted
Al B. Dammed Vs. CalamityRestricted
*~JPoLL Vs. Triple N~*Restricted
.::Verbal Imagerys' Hall of Fame::.Restricted
.::Box Office::.Restricted
.::Verbal Imagery Rules::.Restricted
El Eye Vs. Flow Intelligent Vs. RestrictedRestricted
Championship Match: Flow Intelligent VS. L.I.Metaskriptz
Apotheosis Vs. L.I. Vs. MetaSkriptzRestricted
Re$Tricted Vs. Flow IntelligentRestricted
Liquor Of Tears Vs. Re$trictedRestricted
Apotheosis Vs. Poetic JusticeRestricted
L.I. Vs. Limited EditionRestricted
Vango Vs. Flow IntelligentRestricted
MetaSkriptz Vs. $treetZRestricted
-Limited Edition ...vs... Lyricide-Metaskriptz
-L.I. ...vs... Spul-Metaskriptz
-Flow intelligent...vs...KillaCamFlowMetaskriptz
Re$tricted Vs. KronickRestricted
Spul Vs. MagnificentRestricted
King Solo Vs. Flow IntelligentRestricted
C.M.F.S. Vs. ResolveRestricted
DeadlyRyhmez01 Vs. Flow2CrazyRestricted
Mental Anew Vs. Liquor Of TearsRestricted
Vango Vs. Mad ManRestricted
YooNek Vs. LyricideRestricted
KillaCamFlow Vs. Big KountryRestricted
Rascal Vs. HexenRestricted
DaClassic Vs. L.I.Restricted
$treetZ Vs. EconomicsRestricted
Rated Vs. Dirtboy69Restricted